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Charter your home on the water, Plovi Luxury Yachts

A fusion of style and sophistication, the M4 will never fail to impress. Over three spacious decks, both modern and classic design blend to exceed the highest of expectations.  

M3 is the epitome of Italian Design and high-quality craftsmanship, boasting the smoothest ride on the sea. This elegant low-profile allows for a panoramic view from anywhere. It is rare to find a more beautiful and refined Luxury Motor Yacht.  

private transfer

Black SUVs

Designed with bold proportions to stand out from the crowd, our fleet of Black SUVs delivers a premium look that speaks both power and uniqueness. 

Our fleet of Private Transfers can be spotted around Miami, providing one luxury experience before another. With Plovi, there’s no need for Uber. From the airport to the dock to Miami’s biggest party of the weekend, our Private Transfers will get you there. Scheduling is available after yacht charters are selected.